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We use premium material and print with quality ink despite a higher material cost than competing products for a wide colour gamut, best print quality and excellent durability at a minimum environmental cost.

We leverage on bulk purchase of printing supplies, employ a lean operation models and embrace the latest web and print technologies to keep the price as low as possible.


In general, prints made on gloss stock is more vivid and saturated in colours but glossy surface causes reflection that may obscure fine details in the prints. On the other hand, matt stock often hold minor details and texture better than the glossy counterpart with more muted colours, which is highly favourable for those seeking an artistic feel in the prints.

Lamination reduces possibility of physical damage and colour fading through added layer of protection and the inclusion of UV inhibitor.

Eyelet provides a reinforced hole so that user can stretch it on a display stand or tie it to a supporting structure whereas hemming strengthens the banner edge and provides a finished look to the end product. Eyelet and hemming are highly recommended for outdoor banner to improve durability under windy condition.


RGB file has more exciting colours but printout varies largely according to the capability of various printing devices in handling the wide colour gamut. On the other hand, CMYK has a much narrower colour gamut and achievable across most of the common printing platforms. Therefore, design and print in CMYK ensure better colour consistency across different printing sources (offset, laser, large format etc).

A nice and solid black colour on the print starts from how an artwork is being designed. Using K=100 will turn up greyish on final print due to the low ink coverage. It is advisable to design the artwork using rich black which is C=60, M=40, Y=40, K=100 (240% ink coverage).

Automatic conversion of RGB colours into CMYK will occur prior to printing as this is required to bring all out of gamut colours into printable range.

Submiting an artwork designed in RGB indicates your consent for the colour conversion to take place. Please request for a copy of the soft proof if you have any concern on the effects of colour conversion.

Due to possibility of trimming error and misalignment in printing processes, safe zone ensures that your important text or graphics will not be trimmed. We recommend the safe zone to be 4mm, meaning to place critical text or graphics at a minimum distance of 4mm from the trimming edge.

We preferred Ai or PDF file generated from Illustrator for quality prints. Please ensure all fonts are outlined and transparencies flattened in your print-ready file.

You can perform the operation by selecting "Object" follows by "Flatten Transparency". Make sure you check the options, “Convert All text to Outlines” and “Convert All Strokes to Outlines”, and uncheck "Preserve Alpha Transparency" and "Preserve Overprints and Source Color" then select "OK" to perform the flattening and outlining operation. You can then proceed to save the file in PDF1.3 version.

Other file types such as high quality JPEG and flattened TIFF are also acceptable for printing.

Resolution for actual size should be at a minimum of 300ppi. If you scaled down the size to 1/10 ratio then the minimum resolution has to be 10 times larger than the requirement for actual size at 3000ppi.

Please review the proof carefully for complete accuracy. Banner Express will not accept responsibility for typographical errors, errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, graphics, fonts or content once the proof is approved by the customer (written or verbal inclusive). The exception is when the error is made during printing stage and the output does not match the proof authorised by the customer, in which Banner Express will bear the full reprinting cost.


YES. There are many factors affecting difference between the print and what you see on the screen but monitor calibration is the most crucial step in getting the right colours, and colours right.

Soft-proofing is an approximation to how the colours will look like in the final prints. However, the accuracy of softproofing varies largely depending on calibration, ambient lighting, software and many more.

Monitor has a much wider colour gamut than what printing process is capable of producing. When printer encounters colour that is out of the printable gamut, a rendering algorithm will be applied to determine the best alternative colour to represent the out of gamut colour.

We follow a specific colour management workflow in our design and production processes and all our equipment are calibrated and profiled regularly with the latest spectrophotometer to maintain colour consistency.

We are unable to print according to the colour on your screen as each of the screen (monitor, laptop, phone etc) varies depending on the manufacturer's default settings and monitor specifications.

Colour matching is only possible for artwork provided in vector format. We will also require the pantone code or a hardcopy for colour matching purpose. Please note that it will take 1 additional working day for production if colour matching is required.

We will not entertain any request for a reprint or refund if there is no mention of colour matching requirement when we received the order or in the event if the artwork provided is non-vector format.


All our products are priced in New Zealand Dollar. All transactions are billed in New Zealand Dollar only.

Once you have registered for an user account, you can proceed to choose product you want with the option to either upload a print-ready file, customize from a template or design from scratch using our online designer (for selected products). You can then select the order quantity and other finishing options before proceeding to checkout or add to cart and continue shopping for other item.

Please upload a low res version when ordering online and indicate in the comment section that the high res version will be submitted separately. We highly recommend for transfer of large file.

Please include your order number in the reference field when making payment via bank transfer:-

  • Company Name: Banner Express Limited
  • Bank: BNZ
  • Account No: 02-0208-0089323-001
  • Reference No: (Your Order Number)

After you have read the Terms of Use, please check the box beside it to signify your acceptance and you will be able to add the product to cart or proceed to checkout page.

We will preflight the artwork and inform you if any changes is required for a better print quality. Once the artwork is confirmed, we will proceed to print and perform the necessary finishing. You can check the status of the order progress after logging in to your account.

To receive discount on your bulk purchase, simply apply the respective coupon code on the checkout page.

You can find information of standard turnaround time under the product description section for each of the products. The standard turnaround time for most of our products is 24 hours (1 working day). Please note that our order processing cut-off time is 2pm and order submitted after 2pm will only be processed at the following working day.

Turnaround time for your print jobs only begins after the artwork is preflight and confirmed by our designer. If the submitted file is not print-ready then the print job will be on hold and turnaround time delayed.

If your artwork is blurry / pixelated but are happy for us to print it, please include a comment in your order so that we will proceed with the artwork as it is.

Under unforseen circumstances such as machine breakdown, we will inform you on the potential delay and are happy to refund if you would like to have the order cancelled.

No. Turnaround time begins when artwork is confirmed and ends when product is ready for pick up or delivery at our store.

It is the customer's responsibility to obtain consent from the owner for any copyrighted content that is supplied to Banner Express. Banner Express will not print any offensive materials, amended legal documents, certificates and notes (money).

The order records will be kept for a maximum period of 36 months but the artwork file will be deleted every 6 months. Banner Express manages a huge amount of data / files and the only way for us to keep the storage cost down is by removing old data periodically (every 6 month).


Auckland Metro and Greater Auckland Area (NZD$6 per parcel)

  • Up to 25kg (0.125m3) per parcel

North Island (NZD$12 per parcel)

  • Up to 10kg (0.06m3) per parcel

North Island Rural (NZD$12 per parcel)

  • Up to 10kg (0.06m3) per parcel

South Island (NZD$20 per parcel)

  • Up to 10kg (0.06m3) per parcel


If you are unsure of which delivery zone your address belongs to, you can email us the delivery address and we will confirm the zoning with courier service provider. You can also check the delivery zoning using at

Banner Express partners reputable courier companies to provide New Zealand wide delivery. Currently, the delivery target is 1-2 working days for North Island and 2-3 working days for South Island. An additional 2-4 working days are required for rural address. Please note that there could be occasional delay for delivery of oversized item that is more than 1.5m.

*Delivery lead time is advised according to the information provided by courier company and Banner Express shall not be held responsible for any delay in delivery (except for missing parcel). Please provide allowance when arranging for courier, especially when ordering oversized item or during festive season*

Track and trace is included in the delivery charges, please request should you need a ticket number for delivery status enquiry.

We are able to advise the package dimension and weight if you are arranging your own courier company to pick up the order. Packing/handling charge of $5+gst per pack will incurred as the items have to be adequately packed for shipping purpose. Paper wrapping the items is free if you do not require further protective packaging.

Please call our toll free number as soon as possible so that we can lodge an enquiry with the courier company. The courier company will take a few days to trace the parcel and upon confirmation that the parcel is loss during transit, we will arrange for a full refund or have the order re-printed and re-delivered. 

Please contact us immediately with photo of your item if it arrived damaged. We will assess the damage and let you know if you need to return the item. We will then issue a refund or provide a replacement.

The maximum dimension for courier company is usually 2.4m for metro area and 1.5m for rural address.

Unfortunately we are unable to deliver to a P.O.Box Address so please provide us with your physical address instead.


Due to the nature of our product, we are unable to provide a refund once the order has been processed.