Our banner is made from premium PVC material with a dense fibre structure for outdoor durability / weather resistance. The material surface is specially coated for superior ink absorption.

  • Full colour printing on premium grade coated matt PVC
  • Option for hemming and eyelets to enhance outdoor durability
  • For custom size banner, please email to or use the online quote feature



  • Indoor / Outdoor usage
  • Backdrop for photography, promotional sign, temporary shop sign, exhibition display, event banner, fencing banner, birthday banner


Standard Turnaround Time

Standard turnaround time is 1 working day for PVC banner without hem and 2 working days for PVC banner with hem. Additional 1-3 working days will be required for larger quantity. *Please note that our order processing cut-off time is 2pm and order submitted after 2pm will only be processed on the following working day*

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Eyelet provides a reinforced hole so that user can stretch it on a display stand or tie it to a supporting structure.

Additional Eyelets

The recommended eyelet spacing for a larger banner is 600mm or less to properly stretch and display the banner. By choosing the "additional eyelets" option, we will put metal eyelets every 600mm or less and space them evenly across the required size.

Hemmed Edge

Hemming is recommended when banner is displayed under harsher weather condition. The edge of the banner will be folded over and secured with hemming tape. This strengthens the edge of the banner and reduce possibility of tearing. Welded/sewed (if preferred) hem is also available at additional cost with longer turnaround time.

Note: As a result of the hemming, there will be wrinkles along the hemmed edge which is unavoidable.

Stick-On Velcro (Hook Side)

Stick on velcro (hook side) along the 4 edges can be added onto the reverse side of the banner to allow mounting on a carpeted wall without the need of eyelets. Sewed on velcro (if preferred) is also available at additional cost with longer turnaround time.

Note: There will be wrinkles along the banner edge which is unavoidable due to the stick-on/sewed on velcro.

Price (Exc. GST) :NZD 86.40

Total (Exc. GST) :NZD 86.40
SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
900 x 6001999NZD 17.30
900 x 9001999NZD 26.00
1200 x 9001999NZD 34.60
1500 x 9001999NZD 43.20
1800 x 9001999NZD 51.90
2100 x 9001999NZD 60.50
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